Attracting a Wider Pool of Diverse Internship Applicants Using Social Media and Digital Innovations


NASA Goals

  1. Increase the number of diverse students applying for STEM-related internships at NASA
  2. Introduce cost and process efficiencies to increase return on investment
  3. Enhance NASA’s reputation

What We Did

Ruiz Strategies developed a strategic plan that prioritized digital strategies over event-based recruiting to educate and attract diverse students across the country to apply for STEM-related internships. 

The pillars of the strategy included: 

Development of educational content – videos, collaterals, infographics 

Theme development 

Roll out of social media channels 

Outreach using social media channels (owned and 3rd party) 

Execution of digital and social media events and conferences  

Development of interactive digital map showing locations of internships 

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What We Achieved

Over three application periods, NASA experienced significant increases in the number of exposure of internship opportunities. 

685% increase/ exposure of internship opportunities

284% increase / in student applicants and achieved their objectives