Redefining Internal Communications: 5 Ways Millennials Have Changed the Workplace

Millennials. A term we have all become much too familiar with—whether we know of them, work with them or we are them – they are everywhere and they are changing the way we do business.


Face-to-face meetings, telecoms and 9-5 work days, all once deemed successful, are quickly being replaced by email, instant messaging, social media and intranet software. Coexisting with a generation that has grown up with technology at their fingertips has created a new way of communicating in the workplace.

1. They want to be heard.

First and foremost, millennials are exceedingly smart. Demonstrating promise and leadership at such young ages makes them want to be a part of the decision-making process. They want to be heard– just ask.

2. They want to be direct.

Millennials are confident and vocal. They want to speak to senior level management, so they do. Internal communications software creates transparency and encourages further discussion. Embrace the direct communication style.

3. They multitask well with team members.

Millennials are excellent multitaskers by nature, so take advantage of their skills. Most have grown up in a world where the text messaging, emailing, social media and phone conversations are handled simultaneously. They’ve become multitasking experts by the time they enter the workforce.

4. They like written communication.

Managing multiple projects and tasks at once can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned veteran. Millennials have streamlined written communication, bypassing telephone conversations altogether. Sending out messages via instant messaging or email is an easy and efficient way to get in touch. Choosing to communicate through these methods also allows for easy project tracking; a millennial can at any time return to the message, recalling project details and deadlines with ease.

5. They are always connected.

Millennials are resourceful. Much of this can be attributed to the help of their trusty side-kick—the smartphone. Whether they are updating a colleague via text, drafting an email to their manager, tweeting breaking news or joining a Skype meeting, the smartphone is essential. Millennials are prepared for any type of business communication 24/7.


The millennial generation, representing over 80 million people in the United States, is swiftly gaining pull in the workplace. Millennials hold about 20 percent of all leadership roles, and that number is expected to increase in 2018. Smart, confident and digitally-dynamic millennials are revolutionizing the way we communicate in the workplace. Understanding the millennial communication style is crucial in optimizing their power within your organization.

How do you communicate with millennials in your business?


Written by Amanda Naranjo | Social Media Strategist

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