Four Reasons Your Team Needs a Technical Writer

It’s a common problem: customers aren’t clear on instructions, potential business investors don’t understand a new technology proposal, and your websites, articles and whitepapers aren’t getting much traction. So, what might be the problem? If you aren’t connecting with your audience, it may be time to hire a technical writer.


Technical writers work closely with your subject matter experts to deliver unparalleled content that builds interest and trust in your services. They help your team analyze communications to identify potential setbacks, implement budget-friendly changes, and craft content that makes your business shine.

Here are four examples of how hiring a technical writer can bring value to your company:

1.     Empathy: Learn More About Your Client’s Needs

Studies show that readers may leave a website in as little as 10-20 seconds if they cannot immediately find information that helps them accomplish a specific task (Neilson, 2011). By working with a technical writer, your organization will get back to prioritizing the important stuff first and learn how to leverage reader feedback to create positive experiences.

2.     Translation: Keeping the Hard Stuff Simple

It’s easy to get lost in the details when you’re passionate about your product or service, but technical writers understand that your clients don’t share the same vocabulary as your experts. Instead, technical writers can develop polished, persuasive copy that connects with audiences using more familiar terms.

3.     Perspective: Fresh Eyes Equal Fresh Content

Subject matter experts who are passionate about their services or inventions produce better products but can’t always anticipate the questions potential clients might have. Technical writers can help by heading off anticipated concerns and questions.

4.     Efficiency: Streamline Communication for Quality over Quantity

Teams working without a technical writer often make the mistake that failure to gain a potential customer’s attention is simply because audiences haven’t found their product/services yet. This can lead to oversaturation of communication channels, creating so much “noise” that a potential client might scroll past your content or key messages.

A technical writer can be a tremendous asset to your team and company by ensuring your key messages are reaching your target audience.

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Morgan McAllister | Writer

At Ruiz Strategies we are passionate about working with our private sector clients and government customers to help them effectively tell their unique story. We help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with the people that matter most.